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Nicole-Guardian Angel
ID: A76263
Breed: German Shepherd Dog (mix)
Status: Adopted (not adoptable)
Age: 1-2 years
Gender: FemaleHover your mouse over any photo to enlarge
Hover your mouse over any photo to enlarge
Location: City of San Marcos Animal Shelter     Altered: yes
Size: Large  Color(s): Black- Brown (Tricolor)
Comments: white
Weight: 49.0 Tail:  NA
Other:  Coat:  NA
Left Ear:  NA
Right Ear: 
 Left eye:  NA
Right eye: 
Description: Nicole has called the shelter home for so long. She had her first (and only) litter here. The pups were weaned and picked up quickly - yay! And now it's jist Nicole - waiting her turn. Nicole is full of personality! With one floppy ear and an optimistic tail - it's easy to see that Nicole is truly one-of-a-kind! Everyone here at the shelter is rooting for her to get adopted soon!
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