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Squirt-Guardian Angel
ID: A76330
Breed: Calico-Tabby (mix)
     Status: Adopted (not adoptable)
  Age: 2-3 years
  Gender: FemaleHover your mouse over any photo to enlarge
Location: City of San Marcos Animal Shelter       Altered: yes
Size: Medium   Color(s): Grey- Orange (Patch Tabby)
Weight:   Tail:  NA
Other:   Coat:  NA
Left Ear:  NA
Right Ear: 
  Left eye:  NA
 Right eye: 
Description: Squirt is so much cuter than her name. She is very personable and loves to be petted. If you scratch her in just the right spot under her chin she will knead with her paws, purr, and even drool. She seems to like kids and wants to play with them. Squirt enjoys watching and being a part of a busy house hold. She is not shy about asking for attention. When Squirt wants to be petted she will come right up to you and give you a nice head butt to get you to start scratching.
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