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ID: A77007
Breed: White German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever (mix)
Status: Adopted (not adoptable)
Age: 5 years
Gender: MaleHover your mouse over any photo to enlarge
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Location: City of San Marcos Animal Shelter     Altered: yes
Size: Large
Comments: Large
  Color(s): White-  NA (Solid)
Weight: 60.3 Tail:  NA
Other:  Coat:  NA
Left Ear:  NA
Right Ear: 
 Left eye:  NA
Right eye: 
Description: Skeeter is a very rambunctious, tenacious, and athletic dog. He likes to run, play, jump, chase, splash in the water, and love. Sketter is young and would benefit from basic training. He is looking for an adopter that has enough energy to keep up with him and enough room for both of them to have lots of fun together every day.
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