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ID: A77703
Breed: Retriever-Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler (mix)
Status: Adopted (not adoptable)
Age: 2-3 years
Gender: FemaleHover your mouse over any photo to enlarge
Hover your mouse over any photo to enlarge
Location: City of San Marcos Animal Shelter     Altered: yes
Size: Medium  Color(s): Gold-  NA (Solid)
Weight: 36.2 Tail:  NA
Other:  Coat:  NA
Left Ear:  NA
Right Ear: 
 Left eye:  NA
Right eye: 
Description: Don't let Ginger's shyness fool you! She's really quite loving and so eager to please. It might take time for her to trust you and feel confident enough to walk on a leash. (A harness is a better way to walk Ginger.) She needs time to overcome her insecurities. Ginger's bright eyes, copper coat, and peculiar quirks make her a wonderful confidant you could tell your troubels to - She's had her share. She's waiting to be your best friend!
Additional information: *Needs home with no dogs  



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